Baby Alive: The Doll That Literally ‘Takes Dumps’

According to the People magazine, realistic pooping dolls are a must-have item for this upcoming holiday season.


Time to feed baby

Dolls like “Baby Alive” come with special “green beans” and “bananas” that can be fed to the doll, “digested” and “defecated.” To enhance the fun, Baby Alive occasionally poops prematurely creating a lifelike mess for you to clean up. Whoops! Baby just went CODE BROWN.


Time to change baby’s fertilized diaper


Baby smells like S**T!!

Awesome right? Then there is Baby Uses Her Potty. It comes complete with a magic toilet that must be flushed after each use. See it in action!

Finally for those twisted parents who want to add some WTF!!??!?? to their daughter’s Barbie collection, there’s the WHOOPS, I CRAPPED MY PANTS DOLL.


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