Kentucky Woman Wants To Sell Baby Naming Rights

Selling baby naming rights to corporations might become the next wave of brand publicity and marketing.

pregnent-belly2Since the Henderson, Kentucky woman named her baby after Walmart another fellow Kentuckian, Baylee Hard, has stepped up offering the naming rights to her baby due in two months.

“I thought the lady in Henderson doing it for free was fuckin’ retarded. I want cash. I’ll let the naming rights go for $2,500, even more if they’ll pay it.”

Ms. Hard doesn’t care what the name is no matter how ridiculous it may sound. She offered up ideas.

“SaveMoneyAt Costco. I don’t like Target, but what about Target IsGreat? Or Wal Greens? Sam’s Club? Babies R. Us? BestBuy HasTheBestPrices? I don’t give a shit. Name it Taco Bell for all I care. Just get me paid.”


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