Alabama Church Converting Insects To Christianity


Members of First Church of Christ, run out of the home of Pastor Mike Kelly, have been converting insects to Christianity for nearly a year. The fifty congregation members collect insects throughout the week and bring them to Kelly’s house on Sundays where they pray for the insects to accept Jesus into their hearts.

“People forget these creatures have souls that need saving too,” Kelly said. “How are bugs going to get to heaven if somebody doesn’t give them an opportunity to know Jesus?”

Kelly claims the insects are often aimlessly flying or crawling around when they are first brought into his home, but as his congregation begins chanting a prayer of salvation the insects slowly calm down and that is when Kelly asks them to accept Christ.

“I can hear their tiny voices inviting Jesus into their hearts,” Kelly said. “It makes me tear up sometimes seeing a lady bug or an ant change their lives forever.”


Above: Pastor Mike Kelly converting a small cockroach to Christianity

Kelly said after the bugs have accepted Jesus, he instructs them to convert other insects and then releases them.

“I bet there are twenty million Christian insects out there by now thanks to my ministry,” Kelly said. “That’s a lot of saved souls. I hope we can help every insect out there find Jesus and get into heaven.”

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