Dead Mother Gives Birth In Coffin

CULICAN, Mexico– A woman amazingly gave birth to a 5-pound 2-ounce baby as her casket was being lowered into a grave – 23 hours after she died.

“I’ve been a doctor for 22 years and if this isn’t a miracle and a medical first, I don’t know what is,” said the physician who pronounced the woman dead after she suffered massive head and chest injuries in a brutal vengeance attack carried out by a drug cartel.


“There is no possible way for this baby girl to have survived 23-hours after her mother was killed, it’s truly a medical impossibility. But as God as my witness the baby did survive – and there’s not a doctor in the world who can explain it.”

An account of the incident that appeared in a major medical newsletter noted that the woman was 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time of the accident. And the emergency room physician who pronounced the woman and her baby dead was quoted as saying that he could not detect the heartbeat of the unborn child – which was still in the womb.

The body was placed in a morgue cooler for 17 hours before it was taken to a funeral home to be prepared for burial. The newsletter went on to say the nude corpse was laid out in a coffin and covered with a simple burial shroud 20 hours after the accident.

Three hours later friends and family of the deceased woman were lowering the coffin into a grave when they heard the cries of a newborn baby. An ambulance was called to rush the baby to a hospital.

And even though the little girl was 2 months premature, hungry and dehydrated, she is now in an incubator and gaining strength. However, it is unknown if she will survive.


The newsletter kept the names of the woman, doctor and funeral home workers secret to preserve her family’s privacy. The infant’s father cannot be found and has presumably also been killed by the cartel. He was heavily involved in the narco trade, his innocent wife only thought her husband was a successful business man.

The victim’s sister blames the murder on a little-known Mexican superstition.

“She permed her hair before the death. This is bad luck when pregnant. The spirits were not with her. I am beyond grief. I am numb. I tried to stop her from getting her hair done,” the sister said. “But she wouldn’t listen.”

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