Deadly Snow Snake Has Bitten & Killed 7 in the U.S.

DAYTON, Ohio –

The deadly snow snake has bitten 6 people in the state of Ohio and one in Pennsylvania. It’s been spotted in other states and New York City.

snowsnakeAbove: Deadly snow snake photographed in Ohio

Wildlife experts have never seen the species, but suspect it is a product of illegal crossbreeding

It only comes out in cold weather and at this time there is no cure for its bite. Once bitten, your blood starts to freeze and it takes nearly one hour until death.

Scientist obviously want a cure for its deadly venom, but they will first need to catch a snow snake to create anti-venom.

Please stay clear if you have seen it and call 911 with the exact location of where you saw the snake. It’s important this snake is caught before more people lose their lives.

Please forward this and in order to save as many people as we can.

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