Fox To Create Housewife Survivor Reality TV Show



Fox Entertainment Group is in talks with Pilgrim Studios (Ghost Hunters, Swamp Pawn, Amazing America with Sarah Palin) to create Extreme Housewife Survivor. The show will pit twelve extreme housewives against each to serve one unruly and demanding family of sixteen who lives in a Texas mansion. The man of the household and his two eldest sons will judge contestant performances with one wife being eliminated weekly.

“There will be mopping challenges, dusting, vacuuming, bake-offs. We want to see how far these extreme housewives go to please the household,” Pilgrim Studios said in an email.

Fox is drawing early critiques that the show will reinforce stereotypical gender roles.

TV analyst Jay Abrah replied to this charge: “There are many couples who don’t believe women are equal to men. Polling data shows that a lot of American women want to serve men. Fox wants to provide programming for all walks of life. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.”

Fox has yet to comment.

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