Tattoo Yourself With the ‘Stick and Poke’ Tattoo Kit!

Safe self-tattooing is now a dream anybody can realize with The Stick and Poke tattoo kit.


Ordinary home tattooing used to bring the following risks:

Blood borne pathogens, toxic ink, inadequate/unlean supplies, dirty needles and ink, but the creators of The Stick and Poke have erased your worries:

“Our kits include sterile professional vegan tattoo ink, sterile tattoo needles, instructions and other goodies.”

The company provides some DIY tattoo ideas!



Here’s a satisfied Stick and Poke customer showing off his homemade tattoo. It’s too bad he didn’t use their custom HOT PUSSY RED ink for the sun, but it still looks great.


The kit is reasonably priced at $40 not including ink.

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