Justin Bieber Self-Portait To Hang in White House

It seems Justin Bieber occasionally puts down the microphone for a paintbrush. The pop star said on Monday he has been working on a slew of self-portraits for the last few months.


“When you possess genius you can just switch your artistic focus onto another medium and master it very quickly,” Bieber said. “Self-portraits came naturally to me… few days, I had it.”

Through a mutual friend Bieber was connected with White House art curator Jefferson Eikman who found the Bieber paintings delightful.

“The White House has recently started a program to show contemporary artwork from our nation’s greatest artists,” Eikman said. “Justin is so talented and beloved… I love his work and I’m so glad he will be our first.”

The fact that Bieber is Canadian and the program is supposed to only exhibit works by American artists doesn’t faze Eikman.

“He may be from Canada, but he embodies the American spirit. Hard work, dedication, you can achieve the American dream. He couldn’t have achieved such high accomplishments in Canada.”

Bieber said, “Getting into the White House is boss. I’m happy to be the first. I think my art career will go bigger than my music career.”

Bieber’s self-portrait will hang for three months and viewable during White House tours.

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