Man Evicted From Nursing Home For ‘Wild Stripper Party’

TAMPA, Florida –

Three Palms Elderly Care Center evicted Paul Horner, 92, from their nursing home after he hired two strippers to entertain him for the night.


A neighbor in the apartment next to Horner, reported to staff that she heard ‘sex sounds and pop music’ coming from Horner’s room. After knocking failed to open Horner’s door, staff used a key to get in.

“We found Mr. Horner in his wheelchair having agressive intercourse with one of the girls,” Nancy Adams, Administrative Director at Three Palms, told WFLA. “Another girl was passed out in her own vomit on an air-mattress. There were bottles of vodka, adult toys and a beer bong.”

Mr. Horner grew violent with staff as they tried to break up the party.

“He repeatedly slammed his wheelchair into the legs of staff,” Adams said. “With the girl still on top of him. She finally jumped off his lap. He then threw framed family photos at staff before our team was able to subdue him.”

Mr. Horner, a retired mail carrier, has reportedly showed exemplary behavior while at the retirement home and is even the lead singer in a band composed of Three Palms residents. The band performs 60s music for residents once a month.

The nursing home will not press charges for property damage since Mr. Horner has agreed to leave.

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