Sex-Change Operation Performed On Baby

BEIJING, China —

Jin Wang had dreamt for years of having a baby boy, so when his wife gave birth to a little girl, he decided to take matters into his own hands to remedy the problem: He had the baby’s sex changed. He contacted several Chinese doctors who refused to perform the dangerous operation.


Dejected, Wang  turned to a Mexican doctor based in Tijuana who conducted the operation for $460,000.  Mr. Wang has made millions of dollars selling eating utensils (forks, knives, spoons) to the United States and Europe, so the costly surgery was not out of his financial means.

“I had Mr. Wang and his wife start the baby on testosterone first,” Dr. Alverez explained the procedure to El Mexicano News. “Testosterone helped the baby begin to develop more masculine muscles and other male physical traits. I then performed a radical hysterectomy to rid the baby of its internal female parts. I then used the baby’s clitoris, which I enlarged with androgenic hormones, to make a little penis. I rerouted the urethra through the phallus to allow urination through the reconstructed penis. I took the labia majora and stitched them together to form a scrotum, in which I had inserted rubber balls for testicles.”

Amazingly, the baby survived the surgery, but not without complications: The child’s immune system became so fragile the baby had pneumonia and infectious mononucleosis for nearly six months. The child is now almost two years old and is reportedly healthy.

“We have almost lose our baby to cold and flu,” Wang told El Mexicano News. “But doctor say just give it more testosterone and that made the baby get stronger and it get over sickness. My baby is already becoming man very fast. Very strong. Good muscle definition. It will grow into greatest MMA fighter in world and make me much money and bring me much fame.”

“The baby will obviously not be able to have an active sex life when old enough,” Dr. Alverez said. “And the penis will always remain baby-sized — about 1.27 centimeters (half inch). Unless, of course, the parents want to pay for penis enlargement surgery, then I can do that if the price is right, but not until the baby becomes at least 12 years old.”

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