Why Straight Men Are Kissing. . .


The straight male kissing trend apparently started at a bar in San Diego and is now spreading as more and more straight men begin kissing each other. We talked to Steve Beecham who claims to be the first official straight male kisser.


Courtesy: Straight Kissing Facebook group

“My first straight kiss started as a dare one night when me and my buds were doing shots at Hooters,” Beecham said. “And I liked it. I called Michael, the guy I kissed, and asked if he would like to get together for another one. He said absolutely.

Steve and Michael now get together several times a week for make out sessions. Both claimed they have supportive girlfriends and haven’t gone past first base (outside of some shirtless body kissing).

But why do they do it?

“Couple reasons,” Beecham said. “Two: It feels super, super good, unless he [Michael) hasn’t shaved. It’s so scratchy. Ha ha. Two: I think it makes Michael and I so much closer as best friends. Three: Why not? Why can’t two straight men French kiss for an hour? Straight women do it all the time.”


Courtesy: Straight Kissing Facebook group

We spoke to another straight kisser who chose not to reveal his name:

“I think the reason you see this practice spreading across the country like a wildfire is because so many men are told they have to play certain roles: Be macho. Love football. Can only kiss women. You can be perfectly not gay, not like football, and kiss men… a lot of men. About twenty of my guy friends and I get together once a month for kissing orgies. It’s a blast!”

He said he has only gone past kissing one time, but wishes he hadn’t.

“I shouldn’t have done the nasty with Ricky. I lost my wife over it. She said that was taking things too far and told me to get out. Before that, she was okay with just the kissing and handholding. Luckily Ricky let me move into his condo or else I’d be on the streets.”

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