80-Year-Old Man Still Lives In Mom’s Basement

NORMAN, Oklahoma –

Gene Bibles dropped out of Norman High School in 1951 because he could not stand learning.


“There’s something about trying to learn stuff that is just unappealing to me,” Bibles told Saturday Magazine. “It gives me nosebleeds.”

Gene also knew he never wanted to work.

“I find work unpleasant,” Bibles said. “Either it involves having to think or physical labor. Physical labor makes my muscles sore. I don’t like that.”

So Bibles decided to just stay in his mom’s house. He moved out of his bedroom into the basement where he could more easily be alone. He spends his days sitting in a chair staring at the floor trying not to think and waiting for his meals to be delivered and his porta-potty to be emptied by his 96-year-old mother.

“I’ve done absolutely nothing since high school,” Bibles said. “I have spent every day just sitting down here trying hard to keep my mind empty. It’s rare for me to have a thought.”

Bibles’ siblings want to sell the family home to put  their mother in a nice retirement home, but Bibles said his mother promised she would never kick him out of her basement.

“I plan to be buried  in this basement,” Bibles said. “Mom said she’d pay to have the basement sealed off so it’s a tomb like the ancient Egyptians used to do. She is going to have me mummified. The house will never be sold either. Mommy set up a trust fund that will pay the taxes and upkeep of the house for at least the next 2,000 years. I’m all good.”

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