Couple Seeks Sex-Change for Cat

Same-sex couple, Amanda and Amanda Johnson, claim their seven-year-old male cat, Wolfgang, is actually a female and want to help their pet realize its true gender.


Pictured above: Wolfgang

“Male cats tend to be more aggressive, but Wolfgang is not,” Amanda Johnson said. “Male cats tend to want to hunt more, Wolfgang does not. Male cats tend to be more territorial. Wolfgang is a giant teddy bear that runs from all conflict.”

But the Johnsons’ say they have the smoking gun that proves they’re right:

“When we put Wolfgang in male cat clothes, he gets very angry and wants them off-off-off! When we dress him in a dress — he purrs with feminine delight. He never wants to take the dress or panties off. It’s clear as a bell that Wolfgang is a woman cat, not a man cat.”

The Johnsons’ believe since society already accepts human beings for having gender-identity confusion, why wouldn’t society accept animals suffering from the same affliction?

The couple has attempted to persuade surgeons who specialize in sexual reassignment surgery to operate on Wolfgang, but have been unsuccessful.

“They won’t even look at the evidence we have,” Johnson said. “The doctors are very intolerant, very bigoted. But we are talking to several surgeons in Honduras. And I think we have found one who will perform the surgery even though she’s never done it before. After that, we will launch an awareness campaign to bring light and hopefully acceptance to this very real issue of animals suffering from gender-identity disorder. We hope one day all animals will have the chance, the right, to choose the gender they were supposed to be.”

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