Blacks Vs. Whites: The Video Game

Funding for a new video game has appeared on a Kickstarter page. Blacks Vs. Whites: The Video Game.


From Kickstarter copy:

With brewing racial tensions in Missouri and around the country the goal of our game is to provide a healthy outlet for racial violence and killing. Let’s take heated racial divides from the streets into the non-life threatening digital world.

This online multiplayer video game will pit inner-city black people against white suburbanites. Players will be able to gather weapons commonly found in their geographical areas (hunting rifles, broken 40 oz. bottles, etc.) go on solo killing missions or form mobs and gangs to kill in groups. Players will be allowed to engage each other with racial slurs and every form of racial violence and criminality will be allowed including hanging and looting.

Some critics are already saying the proposed game will lead to more real world hostility, but the creators of the game (Apex Studios) disagree.

This is a healthy and safe environment to work out racial hatred through killing.

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