Chinese Man Arrested for Eating a Child


A gruesome discovery was made over the weekend when police raided Zhou Wong’s small shack to find the remains of a 9-year-old girl Wong had been eating over a period of five days.

The girl’s carcass was laid across a kitchen table next to an untouched bowl of salad and a freshly poured glass of milk. It was evident Wong was just about ready to have another meal before police entered.


Officials were tipped off by suspicious neighbors who saw Wong walk into his front yard covered head to toe in blood and “growling and barking like a dog.”

“People kill their own animals around here,” a neighbor told Yunnan News. “So it’s very common to see people covered with blood. But Zhou was barking like a dog and had this strange psychotic look that made him look like he was up to something bad.”


Above: Wong’s house

Police said Wong showed no remorse for his actions, nor did he admit that his actions were wrong. He said he killed and ate the girl simply because “he was hungry.” Wong had recently lost his job and had allegedly not had a “a meal in days.”

Why didn’t Wong go hunting or even steal a chicken from a neighbor or simply ask for help?

“The girl just looked tasty,” Mr. Wong told police. “I’ve eaten chicken and pig my entire life. I thought I’d try something different. Having a varied diet is healthy. I want to be healthy.”

As police were taking Wong away, he asked if they could freeze the rest of the girl so he could finish eating her as soon as he was released from jail.

“He didn’t want the meat to go bad,” a local officer said. “He seemed to (sic) thinking he’d be released from jail in a few days.”

Officials say Wong will likely be sentenced to death for the heinous crime. At this news, Wong replied “I hope not. I have a lot more I’d like to do with my life. I’ve always wanted to learn how to paint.”

The parents of the victim spoke to local news agencies stating they had wondered where their daughter had gone.

“We thought maybe she had gone out camping or something,” the unidentified father said. “She’d often go on camping trips by herself. She like to go bird watching. It was her favorite thing to do. So we were more than shocked when we found out she had been killed and eaten. I hope Mr. Wong is tortured and killed immediately. He is a demon. He also needs to apologize to both me and my wife.”


 Above: Father holds up photo of his deceased daughter

The small village remains outraged.

“Maybe we should all eat Wong,” a villager said. ” Give him a taste of his own medicine. See how he likes it.”

Wong’s fate should be decided quickly. The Yunnan province is known for its swift justice.

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