6 Pictures That Prove a Chocolate Mold of Your Anus is the Best Valentines Day Present Ever

Want to do something extra special for your girlfriend or boyfriend this Valentine’s day? Look how tasty this molded butthole looks. Just want to bite into it and savor, right?

For those of you with money to waste, you can even have your anus mold turned into a piece of gold jewelry. I recommend attaching it to a gold chain and wearing it around your neck or fashioning it into an earring.

The incredible edible anus comes in packs of three set in an attractive Edible Anus box.

What could be more delicious that exact chocolate replica of your anus? I think I want to eat a mold of my own.

How is it done?
valentine-chocolate-005Magnus Irving puts you on some weird table with your anus facing him. He tells you to relax and smile as he pushes your legs above your head and spreads your butt cheeks. Then Magnus pours hot liquid chocolate all over your anus and waits for it to harden.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’d like to see the full process from start to finish before you decide whether it’s something you’d like to sign up for, below is a video of  Rayna Terror getting a mold of her anus done.

People can apply for the yummy treats or the startling jewelry at www.edibleanus.com

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