Woman Uses Craigslist To Find Thug To Break Her Back to Get Welfare

EVANSVILLE, Indiana — There are a lot of desperate folks out there that will do anything to get on public assistance, but this might take the cake. A Craigslist ad ran last week in the jobs section in Evansville offering $50 to “some strong guy” to break a woman’s back so she could get “disability welfare.” She even provided a racy photo of herself so her hired thug would know what she looked like as she strutted down E. Kentucky Avenue waiting for that baseball bat to her back.

The ad has since disappeared, so it’s uncertain if she got her broken back, chickened out or Craigslist removed it. Here is the ad.

craigs-list-ad-back-break-wTo who is may concerne,

I can’t work no more cuz I’m sick of it. My boss an asshole! I want to get on disability welfare but having hard time hurting myself to make an injury.

Was thinking some strong guy out there could attack me on N. Kentucky Avenue. Hit me in the back (be sure to break it) with a baseball bat or crow bar. I’ll pay u $50 and can give u a gold necklace u could pawn. It’s in my purse. Steal it after u attack me. This will look like robbery too.

I’ll walk down E. Kentucky Ave all this week from noon til 2. I posted my picture so you can see what I look like.

Stupid, but also pretty gangsta. #thuglife

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