Controversial Fat Hating Personal Trainer Used to Be Morbidly Obese


Now & Then

Fitness motivator, John Burk, is causing a social media uproar over his, what some consider, fat-shaming video. Here is that video… *PROFANITY WARNING*

But in an ironic twist, one of Burk’s friend has come forward with a picture and a message: Apparently, John used to be a morbidly obese kid and “cried often” because he was made fun of for his weight.

“I don’t disagree with what John said in the video,” the unnamed friend said. “But Johnny used to cry like a baby when people made fun of his weight. He often said ‘people should just accept me for who I am. I’m fat because of my genetics. I can’t help it.’ Now he’s out there making other people feel bad? It’s just a bit of a hypocrisy. I’m also not convinced his weight loss was all natural, if you know what I mean: METH.”

Will be interesting to see how this new development adds to the controversy.

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