Florida Man charged with battery after accusing woman of cheating on him with sex toy

MANATEE, Florida —

A Bradenton man, Triston D. Horne, 36, was charged with battery after he attacked his ex-wife for cheating on him with a sexy toy, according to Manatee police.


At 2:30 a.m. July 1, deputies said Horne was spending the night with a woman he was once married to. According to a report, the woman learned that Horne was already married and that their marriage was null and void but that she still talks to Horne because he’s a father figure to her two sons. Horne and the victim were in her bedroom smoking cigarettes and drinking beer when an argument erupted.

Police said the victim left to use the bathroom and Horne then barged in and accused her of cheating on him… with a dildo.

Horned twisted the victim’s left arm behind her back until she cried out. He then threw the victim to the ground, stormed back into her room, found her dildo under her bed and sawed it into two pieces using a steak knife in the kitchen.

The victim and her daughter were able to push Horne out of the house but he later came back and stole the victim’s phone while she was asleep.

Horne told police that the victim was a “cheating b*tch” and that he was going to sue her for “emotional damages” for her repeated infidelity with the dildo.

Horne was being held in Manatee County jail without bond for battery and petit theft, according to the sheriff’s office.

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