Company Hiring African-Americans To Be *SLAVES*

The existence of Modern Slave Corporation proves once again that capitalism knows no bounds. The company’s website says it is currently taking applications from African-Americans who want to work as slaves on recreated Southern Plantations. Apparently, Modern Slave provides wealthy, presumably white men, the opportunity to operate fully functioning slave plantations.


Through their contact form we asked if this was, in fact, a real venture.

“Yes,” the email said. “We have recently launched our online presence and hope the unconventional nature of our business inspires people to get the word out. We want people to know that we do not condone slavery, and that job prospects should see this as an acting job. It’s pretend slavery, that will only seem real.”

Their contact/application page asks for the following:

Leave your name, email, phone number and in the box tell us about yourself. Your physical shape, your age, weight, level of health (any diseases or handicaps), skin color (light, dark, extremely dark) your skillset (general manual labor, cooking, laundry, carpentry, scrubbing, etc.). 

The company says they are paying minimum wage for field workers and more for house workers and require a 6 to 12 month employment contract.

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