Man Kidnaps Woman As ‘Early Christmas Present’ To Himself


Adam Moulson kidnapped an unidentified African-American woman this morning, but was quickly apprehended by police after he crashed his red Volkswagen Beetle into, ironically, another red Volkswagen Beetle while trying to get away. christmas-mug

“He enticed the woman with a large candy cane,” an officer with Cleveland Police said. “Once the victim was near his window he threw a cup of urine in her face and dragged the confused woman into the back of his Volkswagen Beetle. He tied her up with gift wrapping ribbon and said he was taking her back to his house to “wrap her up” and put her under his Christmas tree.”

Moulson tried to bribe the officers to let him go by offering them the chance to meet the real Santa Claus. He also offered a female officer oral sex and a foot massage.

Moulson’s statement from police report:

I took the black girl because I always wanted a black girl for Christmas even though it’s not Christmas right now. All black girls are so sexy and I love their big, jiggly butts. I don’t know why everybody is getting up in my grill. I would have taken good care of her — fed her lots of Christmas cookies and sang her Christmas carols. My favorite [Christmas carol] is Frosty the Snowman. She would have been happy belonging to me. Every day should be Christmas. Happy new year, by the way.

The suspect tested positive for MDMA (Molly) which he had allegedly been using for the last 30 days. If convicted, Moulson faces up to 30 years in prison.

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