Kirk Cameron Files Sexual Abuse Charges Against Bill Cosby

Another rape allegation has surfaced against famed comedian and actor, Bill Cosby. This time it is from another familiar 80s face: Kirk Cameron.

Kirk Cameron, actor and Christian-activist, who rose to fame on the hit television sitcom “Growing Pains”, revealed to the TMZ offices that he too had been drugged and raped immediately after auditioning for a recurring guest role on “The Cosby Show.”


Cosby wanted to “whiten up the show a bit” and Kirk Cameron was tossed around as somebody who could play a French foreign exchange student.

His lawyer gave an announcement on Cameron’s behalf to the press, here is an excerpt:

“…I’ve seen so many brave women come forward and I feel it’s time as a caring and honest man to come out and say, Cosby not only raped women, but men, at least this man. I am tired of the media worshipping and praising a man that has a past so terrible that it is unbelievable. I have kept this terrible secret for years, but the incident was also a major factor in what led me to Jesus. I wish I had come out sooner, but it’s tougher for men as our masculinity can get called into question when we are sexually assaulted by another man. Why wasn’t I strong enough to fight Mr. Cosby off?  Is he a stronger and more physical man than I? I hope I can help other men come out and together we can stop this devil. I will be pursuing damages that are not going to be disclosed at this time.”

On Tuesday, Cosby’s attorney, John Schmitt, issued a statement saying Cameron is simply trying to revive his failed acting career. Schmitt also said the fact that there are allegations by Cameron “does not make them true.”

But this particular accusation is interesting. We have a very successful Christian-activist and Christian actor who doesn’t need any press or financial reward, which does cast a shadow of guilt over Cosby.

Cosby has never been criminally charged with sexual assault, but he did settle a civil case in 2006 brought by Temple University employee Andrea Constand who claimed he drugged and groped her at his suburban Philadelphia mansion.

What makes the Cameron allegations different is that while he was given the customary glass of wine and pill (the recurring theme in all the Cosby sexual assault charges), he did not pass out like the others. After the wine, Cameron felt a sudden attraction to Cosby, his inhibitions became lost and he became an active participant in the abuse.

Cameron’s legal defense believes he was given “Spanish Fly” which is an aphrodisiac drug Cosby had often joked about in standup routines. The drug alters the brain, making the user sexually receptive and excited.

Cameron would not go into detail about what happened during “The Cosby Show” audition, and hopes to keep the despicable details out of the public press. Cameron urges fans to pray for him and the sexually assaulted women.

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