Man Discusses Doing Angel Dust

Skyler and I had a discussion on Facebook chat about angel dust.


Me: In case readers don’t know, angel dust is also known as PCP – it’s real name is ketamine and commonly used in veterinary medicine: to drug horses. So, Skyler, let’s hear about your first time doing angel dust.

Skyler:  You can call me Sky. Skyler is what my parents called me as a kid. You totally see stuff that’s not there. For example, I saw a ghost commit suicide.

Me: That’s pretty wild.

Sky: I saw two hobos having dookie love up against a tree. Total hallucination.

Me: I don’t know if I’d want to hallucinate that.

Sky: It was cool, man. Kind of beautiful. But this angel dust gave me so much energy. I could have gone into a major apartment complex and vacuumed every single floor.

Me: Wow. That’s a lot of floors.

Sky: But things got kind of creepy. I was in my friends backyard and it was raining and I saw scorpions everywhere in the grass. I started catching them and putting them on this flat rock I called THE SACFICIAL ROCK OF DEATH. I took this aluminum baseball bat and smashed them. But, bro, the wild part, when I woke up in the morning they weren’t scorpions, they were EARTH WORMS. I killed EARTH WORMS! LOL!

Me: That’s kind of sad.

Sky: Bro, there’s lots of them. Don’t be sad.

Me: So when you woke up the high was basically over?

Sky: I felt like crap. I downed six Red Bulls and my stomach hurt. I had a wicked butt quake. I busted a dook and it was red. I don’t know what that was about, but it kind of freaked me out.

Me: You might want to see a doctor. But alright, Sky. Great talking with you.

Sky: Peace out. Keep it real.

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