Sisters Seeking Men Who Will ‘Compete To Breed’ With Them

Craigslist is known as one of the top spots to find crazy… but this CL ad out of East Texas is some next level crazy.

The ad was flagged and deleted right when we were screencapturing it and we missed getting bigger photos of the sisters. But we still got the smaller thumbs and, of course, their list of requirements for potential studs.


The Craigslist ad (transcribed):

No Provocative Pictures Please…. pictures are being viewed by entire family including kids.

My sister and I are seeking kin hubbies but we have some unsual kinks and requirements so read this add entirely before responding….

1. we choose to live in a large pack, helping each other and supporting the pack and yes even fighting each other (gotta figure out who’s alpha you know).

2. We are sisters. There is no sexual involvement between us period, and we do not swap mates. Neither will we accept our men playing with each other.

3. we are into polyandry which is the practice of one woman having 2 husbands or more.

4. We are alpha females by nature. Dawn wants either a man whom is stubborn enough to put up with her or submissive enough to enjoy being bossed around because she is naturally a bossy person. Renee wants a fully submissive sex slave whom understands that her first husband is Alpha and makes all decisions. but not always… see #5.

5. we both are breeders and need to be bred frequently, Dawn likes to have her mates play ‘who can knock her up first game,’ and more competitive games… Renee likes to pick the breeding day but her alpha gets to make the final decision. However, both her mates must compete with each other for breeding privileges when she says so. This can be wrestling one another and maybe sometimes fist-fighting. But we don’t want any of our men to get seriously hurt.

Dawn also likes her men to compete to breed with her, but no violence. She likes games like paper, scissors, rocks.

6. Dawn is looking for 2 husbands, Renee already has one husband and there for looking for a second mate to be her sex slave.

7. We each have our own income and we expect our mates to have their own income as well. you must be able and willing to support yourself and your mate as well as your cubs.

8. Renee is green friendly only, but not around the kids. Dawn will not tolerate any chemical dependency at all.

9. Dawn is a Christian and believes god created the earth of our use and healing. Renee is Christian-Pagan with a lot of Wicca believes in only empowering of your personal energy and is more open minded.

10. all cubs must be treated as your own and you must be able to accept the current cubs as their own as well as the one that are bared after we mate.

If you can agree to these things and want the super bbw email Dawn at the email above include a picture of yourself (face and body only no dick pics) and your age and your definition of kin and a little about yourself to get her attention. Renee is in red and black in the single pic and in the sister pic in turqouise. Renee is 25 and has 2 cubs one is almost 3 and the other is almost 1, Renee is highly attracted to Russian decent but is open to other nationalities.



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