Witch Claims Religious Right To Smoke Meth


A woman recently arrested in St. Louis on meth charges claims that it is her religious right as a practicing witch to cook and consume methamphetamine.


According to court records, Sandra Adramelech and her longtime boyfriend, who legally changed his name to XXX, had their mobile home raided where police found an operational meth lab.

“Being a Black Witch is my faith,” Adramelech said in a court statement. “And just like the Native American people can eat peyote for their sacred rituals, I can cook and smoke crank. I use it when I’m casting spells on my enemies which requires a lot of energy. I also use it for marathon Ouija board sessions.”

Before arrest, Adramelech held out her arms, her body quaking, telling St. Louis police in a deep voice to leave her home or she would cast a spell that would cause their testicles to fall off.

Police quickly subdued Adramelech and XXX and booked them into St. Louis County jail.

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