Barber Will Give “Bad Haircuts” To Your Enemies


If you want revenge on somebody in Los Angeles this might be an option. A former ex-special forces solider turned barber will let you anonymously buy an atrocious haircut for somebody you hate.


It’s spendy at $300 per haircut, but people are paying.

“I do about three to six shitty haircuts a day, ” Abe Zeal (not his real name) said. “I really f**k up their hair so there is no fixing it until it grows out. A lot of the customers cry like bitches when they see what I’ve done. Some try to get tough with me and I get tough back and that’s that.”

Here is how it works. A customer sends an email to Zeal who emails back a secure, password protected website where the client provides their enemy’s name and address. Zeal then sends the target a mailer saying as part of a special promotion they have won a free haircut. If the prospect calls and books an appointment, the client make an online payment. Once the haircut is finished, Zeal snaps a photo of the victim and uploads to his website where the client can see the horrendous results.

If the target doesn’t show for their crappy haircut, a full refund is given.

To keep victims in the dark, Zeal does not cut his victims’ hair in front of a mirror. Zeal also wears a full camo mask during haircuts so his victims never see his face.

“The idiots have no idea what I’m doing to their precious hair,” Zeal said. “Until I bring out the hand mirror. They freak. ‘You ruined my hair! You ruined my hair!’ This is a fun job.”

Zeal’s shop is located in an industrial area near downtown Los Angeles. He keeps his windowless shop dead bolted with security cameras mounted outside in case somebody who has received a bad haircut attempts revenge.

“Nobody has ever come back. I will kill somebody with my bare hands if they come in here without an appointment. I also have a machine gun.”

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