This Man Smoked His Dead Friend Then Posts on Instagram

Derek Water’s and a group of friends entered a Compton, California neighborhood to buy drugs last month when his best friend, Jameel Mendoza, was shot and killed.

“We was in Compton to buy some weed and a bit of crack and some meth and possibly some LSD and my friend was wearing blue shoe laces in his white Chuck’s and some Bloods stopped us and got upset and wanted him to take them blue Crips’ color shoelaces out of his shoes. My friend got stupid and stood up to them. He broke a beer bottle he found in the gutter and threatened to cut their faces. They shot his ass.”

So when Mendoza’s parents gave Waters some of their son’s ashes to scatter wherever he chose, Waters got a different idea.


Waters later claimed that smoking Mendoza’s ashes made him “stupid high” and that he wants to try to score more from Mendoza’s parents.

“Shit was good,” Waters said. “I’m hoping Jameel’s parents let me have more. I could smoke human ashes all the time.”

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