Twin Sisters Come Out About Their Homosexual Relationship

LINCOLN, Nebraska –

Identical twins, Miranda and July Edith, knew they were sexually attracted to each other from a young age, but didn’t know how to honestly deal with those feelings.

“My sister and I both had feelings for each other since we were probably twelve or thirteen, right after we got our pubes,” Miranda said. “But we couldn’t express them verbally or in a direct sexual way, so we’d do silly stuff like wear each other’s dirty underwear or, you know, suck each others toes and fingers or give each other butt hickeys.”


But July finally broke the sexual tension when Miranda asked her what she wanted for their shared sixteenth birthday. July said, ‘I want you.’ Miranda said, ‘I want you more.’

“That night I climbed down from the top bunk and slid in with Miranda,” July said. “And let me tell you, we were a couple of busy beavers. I just ate her up. But things went bad…”

Their father walked in, flipped on the lights, and saw his entangled teenage daughters and, in a fit of rage, marched them out of the house.

“Daddy was very mad,” Miranda said. “That night we slept outside under the trampoline only having each other to stay warm. I thought my nipples would freeze off.”

The next day their calmed father let them back into the home, but warned that he never wanted to see them “being lesbian with each other again.” The girls decided to call off their affair, but it wasn’t to last.

“We were in love and not being able to pleasure one another was just impossible,” July said. “I mean you’re  seeing your hot naked sister every day. How can you stop from getting horny? So we talked to Daddy and told him our love was real and natural. And he yelled and he called us sick and said we would go to hell. But when we started making out in front of him that didn’t seem to upset him. So we began touching each other’s breasts and crotches and that didn’t seem bother him either. Eventually we took off our bikinis and just had sex in front of him.”

After watching, their father, who had raised the girls as a single parent (their mother died during childbirth), said he could tell that this was more than a passing fade. He could see they were really in love and permitted them to continue their sexual relationship so long as they didn’t tell anybody else.

“Daddy said incest was wrong, but that was only to stop inbreeding and since we’re both girls and couldn’t make a baby together, he didn’t feel it was real incest,” July said. “After that, we could kiss and do it in front of our father and it was no big deal to him. He loves us unconditionally.”


But when the girls turned eighteen, they could no longer keep their promise of secrecy to their father. They found jobs, moved into an apartment and became openly gay. They hope by coming out they’ll inspire other gay sisters do the same. They feel people, no matter their sexual orientation, need to be proud of who they are and not hide their sexuality behind a veil of shame.

“Daddy doesn’t like that we’re telling everybody,” Miranda said. “He’s afraid the cops are going to bust us, but so far it’s been just fine. I don’t think the cops care. And Daddy still loves us so we’re happy.”

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