Woman Arrested after Kidnapping Man and Forcing Him to Perform Oral Sex

CLINTON, Mississippi –

The Clinton Police Department released sordid details about the recent kidnapping and subsequent sexual abuse of a Florida man visiting Jackson, Mississippi to participate in a bodybuilding competition.


The unnamed victim was walking through downtown Jackson when Cathy Priest, 43, allegedly forced him by gunpoint into her Mazda Miata and drove him to her mobile home in nearby Clinton.

The victim’s hands and ankles were bound and a butt plug inserted into his rectum. He was then forced to perform oral sex on Melon for up to 4 hours at a time, over the course of seven days.
Victim’s statement to police (partial):

She made me eat her, you know, vagina and her anus despite me begging and crying for her to not make me do it. But she had a .357 pointed at me and said she’d shoot me in the foot. At one point, she tried to make me penetrate her, but I couldn’t get an erection, despite her giving me oral, and putting a vacuum cleaner hose over my penis and turning it on.

She starved me too. Said she was the only thing I needed to eat. She let me drink Pepsi though, so I was never thirsty. Although I hate Pepsi, because it has extremely high sugar content and too many carbs.

The victim was able to shuffle out of the house after, he said, Priest passed out after drinking several boxes of wine and taking what he thought to be Xanax. Otherwise, he said, Priest never slept.

Priest denied kidnapping the victim, claiming instead he was a Mormon missionary trying to “recruit me into his Devil religion.”

“After I says no to becoming a moron (sic), he said when he saw me first open the door it was ‘love at first sight,’ and he wanted to lick my bang holes’’ Priest told police. “I love big muscles. I love muscle men. So, I invited him in and we started sexing. But I don’t kidnap nobody. I’m just a weak woman.”

Police seized the weapon the victim described and, in addition, have multiple witness accounts from people who found the bound victim, stating he was highly distressed.

“Guy’s just making excuses and blaming me,” Priest told police. “Cause he don’t want to get in trouble with his religion.”

Priest has been charged with kidnapping and sexual torture.

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