Woman Tries To Sell Fire


Wendy Willams sought to make extra money to feed her poverty-stricken family so she set up a road side campfire. A nearby cardboard sign read: “Fire Sticks For Sale.”


When would be customers pulled up out of curiosity, she quickly dipped a stick wrapped in an old rag into the campfire, igniting the end, and ran out to greet them.

John Pitto who stopped said, “She was yelling, ‘Only twenty bucks for fire. Firestick. Only twenty bucks.’ Pitto says he asked her why would people want to buy fire. “To make a campfire with or to start a fire at home in the stove or to just have a portable fire. Buy one. Only twenty bucks.”

Forest service officials quickly shut down her operation after citizens alerted them to the unsual roadside business.

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