Walmart Building Superstore On Endangered Forest Lands


Everybody’s favorite superstore is once again destroying the planet.

One of the world’s rarest forests, a section of Miami-Dade County’s last intact tracts of endangered pine rockland, is getting several new “exciting residents”: Walmart, a Chili’s restaurant, Chik-fil-A and, after you’ve put on all that unsightly flab from eating all that fake food, you can work it off at an L.A. Fitness Center!


Ram, the developer, which has built dozens of strip shopping centers and dense residential projects across Florida and the Southeast, chose the land at Coral Reef Drive and Southwest 127th Avenue because it provided a “unique chance to create . . . a place where people can easily walk from the neighborhood to shops and elsewhere,” CEO Casey Cummings said in a written response to questions.

Won’t it be nice to be able to ride your scooter cart to Walmart instead of having to squeeze your big buns into a Geo Metro?

The site also provided easy access to highways and jobs, and met a growing demand for “high-quality rental housing, shopping, fitness and dining options,” he said.

Here is the shithead developer, Casey Cummings:


Cummings pointed out that the company could have built even more housing — 1,200 apartments — and added 70,000 square feet of retail space to the 300,000 it has planned. Darn! Maybe he can slowly get more of the property. I think the development needs a check cashing store.

These greedy shitsticks are enemies of humanity and nature. They, and others like them, are going to take IT ALL for short gain profits at the expense of, literally, a FUTURE for humanity and other species. How much money do they need? They’ve already raked in billions according to their website.

And, of course, Walmart is just doing what Walmart does: engaging in wickedness.

But what the hell? It’s only life. If you don’t care. Keep supporting these stores. Keep thoughtlessly having more kids you can’t afford. Keep getting fatter. Keep participating in your own slow, stupid suicide.

Species expected to die (I know they are only inconsequential butterflies to some people, but butterflies have more value than certain sections of the human population):

Atala Hairstreak butterfly

Bartram’s Hairstreak butterfly

Bald eagle

Indigo snake

Florida bonneted bat

And many rare planet species

This area is part of the last 2 percent of the vast savanna that once covered South Florida’s spiny ridge.

Good job humanity! Keep up the “progress.”

Speaking of progress, ever heard of a progress trap? You’re IN ONE.

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