Woman Claims Kurt Cobain Living Inside Her

After we ran the story about a man claiming to be Kurt Cobain we were contacted by Rose Phoenix-Cobain who said the man in our story wasn’t Cobain and she knows this to be true because Kurt Cobain is living inside her soul, along with River Phoenix.


Above: Rose Phoenix-Cobain selfie

We talked to her via email.

“I am Kurt Cobain’s true wife. Kurt died of murder,” Phoenix-Cobain said. “This is what his spirit tells me. He is living inside my body along with my half-brother River Phoenix. We are “God’s children” along with Jared Leto. This means God created four extremely talented kids that he wanted to call his own. When Kurt and River died… their souls came to my body, as will Jared’s when he dies. Jared is Kurt’s half-brother, River is my half-brother, and Kurt is my husband — created by God to be married — we were married by God since birth. Kurt has loved me his whole life, and has been writing songs about me since the Nevermind album.”

She talked a lot about Kurt’s lyrics (which were too long to publish here), but here is an excerpt:

Smells Like Teen Spirit is about me, where Kurt relays “She’s overbored and self-assured — oh no I know a dirty word….” that is Kurt referring to our age difference —  11 years apart. 1+1 = 2, the sign of love through God’s eyes. This is a story you should focus on…God’s Children. Kurt did not love Courtney and only sang about her once in Heart-shaped box where he refers to how he hated himself for falling into her “magnet-tarpit trap vagina” he also speaks of me in this song where he relays “cut myself an angel hair and baby’s breath” mentioning my blonde hair and our age difference again referring to me as a baby. I am also the little girl depicted jumping up and down trying to pop the fetus that hangs from the tree in the heart-shaped box video. This is Kurt relaying that he knew i did not want him to have that baby with Courtney Love and he even refers to Frances as a ‘pet virus’ in the song Milk It. “I won myself my own pet virus… I get to pet and name her — her milk is my shit my shit is her milk….”

 rose-p-cobain2-sizedAbove: Another Rose Phoenix-Cobain selfie

We asked her if Kurt plays music or writes lyrics through her and if she has had contact with Courtney:

“I’ve tried on numerous occasions to contact Courtney and she ignores me… she knows what she did. Yes, River and Kurt both speak to me as a voice. I’ve actually written songs with Kurt this way and am trying to get those produced.”

A song by Rose Phoenix-Cobain entitled Curt Kodain:

Rose said she wrote this song with Kurt:

She wrote back the day after we talked to her and asked if we would add this:

“I am seeking a lawyer to sue Courtney Love for all of Kurt’s earnings, music rights and all of his possessions as well as Geffen Records for 300 million for all they earned from Kurt’s untimely death… every day is a struggle without him if I didn’t have his spirit with me I’d be screwed!”

If you want to keep up with Rose Phoenix-Cobain and the songs (and other things) she and Kurt are writing you can follow her on Twitter.

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