Stupid Man Slaps Porcupine

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — We’ve all wanted to slap a porcupine at one time or another, but when this man tried,..

Texas Boy Strangles Fox To Death

ARLINGTON, TX. — Authorities say a Tarrant County preteen is being treated for rabies and facial damage after strangling a fox..

Man Starts Dog Meat Ranch

Just outside Jackson, Mississippi Telford Bloom has found a way to feed the poor and hungry: dog meat. I conducted..

Woman Sends Crocodile To Hospital

St. Petersburg, Florida– May 28, 2014 Marsha Lakey and her two sons planned a simple Florida vacation: shopping, building sand..

8 Dogs Being Stuppid

These dogs did something stuppid and they know it. Look at their GUILTY faces.