Elephant Freed… Stupidity Conquered

Human stupidity and ignorance are rampant so it’s nice to see goodness and intelligence sometimes conquer. Raju the Elephant who was chained for 50..

Stupid Man Slaps Porcupine

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — We’ve all wanted to slap a porcupine at one time or another, but when this man tried,..

Texas Boy Strangles Fox To Death

ARLINGTON, TX. — Authorities say a Tarrant County preteen is being treated for rabies and facial damage after strangling a fox..

Man Starts Dog Meat Ranch

Just outside Jackson, Mississippi Telford Bloom has found a way to feed the poor and hungry: dog meat. I conducted..

Woman Sends Crocodile To Hospital

St. Petersburg, Florida– May 28, 2014 Marsha Lakey and her two sons planned a simple Florida vacation: shopping, building sand..

8 Dogs Being Stuppid

These dogs did something stuppid and they know it. Look at their GUILTY faces.