Florida Woman Gets THIRD Breast Implant

A Florida woman says three breasts are better than two. Huh?

Twenty-one-year old massage therapist Jasmine Tridevil from Tampa, Florida said it’s been her dream since age thirteen to have a third boob. Huh? And she’s gone and done it now! Apparently she talked to 50 plastic surgeons and finally found one in Mexico who would do it — for $20,000 and a night of sex.


Apparently, Jasmine wants to land a reality show called “My Third Boob.” The show will center around her daily life as a woman with three boobs. Will men date her? How will she be treated on the streets? Will she be able to make it as a three-boobed stripper (her dream job)? She has upcoming bookings on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Inside Edition.


However, Jasmine denies all of this and says, “I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore. Men are big assholes.”

Here is Jasmine doing a little dance of sorts with her third boob.

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