Kanye West: “People Who Don’t Drive Nice Cars Have Empty Lives”


French media news outlet L’Internaute reported that the embattled rap star Kanye West has created yet another public relations disaster.


Last night Kayne attended the Dior fashion show with New Zealand pop star Lorde, but later, while leaving the Hotel Ritz Paris by himself in a borrowed pink Lamborghini, a fan asked Kanye if she could get a photo of her and the star in front of the exotic car.

Kanye reportedly denied the fan by saying: “Back away from my s**t, lady.”

Kanye was harassed by several paparazzi who asked him where he got the new car:

“It’s not mine, but I got plenty of nice cars,” Kanye replied with a big grin as he slid into the car.

Another fan asked for a ride in the car:

“What’s up with people wanting to ride in my cars all the time?” Kayne shouted. “People who don’t drive nice cars have empty lives. I mean that too. Go ahead and report that… I don’t care.”

He honked as he drove away to get more gathering fans to move, but had to stop again:

“Seriously, get off your ass****s, get some talent, make yourself into somebody like me and maybe you can have nice cars and stop living your pathetic existences. Ya’ll have a poverty mindset. I’m sick of poor people.”

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