Another Mother Daughter Lesbian Couple Come Out of Closet

After several mothers and daughter have come out about their homosexual relationships, another mother daughter lesbian couple were inspired to step into the spotlight. Susan and Electra Hamilton both work as professional real estate in the Midwest. Here is a short interview.


Me: So how long have you been involved romantically?

Susan: Since last summer.

Me: Oh, not very long.

Susan: We’ve always fooled around. But we finally decided to seriously commit on July 4th. You know, traded rings and everything.

Electra: I think people knew we had a thing, but didn’t want to connect it. Eating pussy is one thing, but eating your mom’s taco is another. I don’t know if people are ready to read that, but I don’t care.

Me: So you don’t think you’ll find acceptance?

Susan: I hope so. Homosexuals, atheists, transgenders, drug dealers, many that live in the margins have found acceptance. Why not mother and daughters who like to make each other feel good in all ways? I think we’re actually closer as mother and daughter because we make love to each other.

Electra:I think religion is in the way of us being accepted. Religious people like one man, one woman.

Susan: I happen to be a Christian and I prayed to God for a sign, you know, that our fooling around was okay. Right then, Electra happened to walk into the living room naked, fresh out of the shower, sun hitting her so she was sparkling like an angel. I knew the Lord had sent that sign saying our relationship was blessed.

Me: Do you know any other mothers and daughter who are sexually active?

Susan: I’ve only read about the others, but, you know, I think I have this strange memory of my mother and grandmother messing around, but I can’t be sure.

Electra: I don’t know any personally, but there has to be a lot. Dads and daughters do it. I’m sure lots of moms and daughters get busy too.

Me: That’s all I really have. Thanks for taking the time to open up about your relationship.

Susan: Thank you.

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