Doctor Says Eating Wild Snakes Stops Hair Loss


Naturopathic doctor Benji Robbins claims eating wild snakes stops hair loss and even leads to permanent hair growth. Robbins says he was once “totally bald” and now his hair has “totally come back” thanks to consuming wild snakes.


“Adrenalized snake meat has a special enzyme that stimulates hair follicles to begin hair regrowth. But the snakes must be wild.”

Why must the snakes be wild?

“Because when you antagonize and kill a snake their bodies are flooded with adrenaline which creates the special hair growth enzyme. Pet shop snakes aren’t really afraid of people. Hard to scare them.”

before-after-stuppidAbove: Hair growth results from eating wild snakes

Robbins recommends eating three wild snakes per week for best results and says any species will work.

“First you need to find good snake hunting grounds. Just ask around and people will tell you good spots. When hunting, you first need to threaten the snake by yelling and foot stomping and stepping closer and closer to your prey to get the snake’s adrenaline flowing and then quickly chop their head off with a hoe or machete. You can also shoot the snake. Then you just skin and eat it raw right on the spot.”

Robbins warns that people should “be careful not to get bit” and, if you do, you should “go to a hospital.”

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